College students’ attitudes towards the use of Flipgrid to improve speaking skills

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Silvia Elizabeth Cárdenas Sánchez
Ximena Elizabeth Naranjo Lozada


Introduction. Flipgrid, as a tool to use in class, has been designed in order to help teachers and students record videos and post them on Internet. Research has demonstrated that it works for teaching and learning English since it promotes students´ interactions. Objective. This research aims to analyze students´ points of view about their speaking improvement using Flipgrid. Methodology. There were 65 undergraduate students, with a A2 English level, who participated in this study and they were attending online classes because of the pandemic. Students recorded around five videos individually during the academic period and at the end of the semester they answered a questionnaire and had an interview with the instructor. The interviews were necessary in order to know opinions and attitudes about the use of Flipgrid as an innovative form of instruction of English as a Foreign Language. Results. The results demonstrated that students liked to use Flipgrid and their confidence, motivation, vocabulary, language and pronunciation improved. Conclusion. The use of Flipgrid as an online resource can be beneficial for students in order to promote speaking skills; however, there are some important implications that language instructors need to consider during the language learning process if they decide to use Flipgrid in classes.


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Cárdenas Sánchez, S. E., & Naranjo Lozada, X. E. (2021). College students’ attitudes towards the use of Flipgrid to improve speaking skills . AlfaPublicaciones, 3(3.1), 175–184.

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