The portfolio resource in the development of the English writing process

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Gabriela del Rocío Armijos Ango
Alexandra del Rocío Saquinga Yanchapanta
Mónica Narciza Orbea Peñafiel
Luis Eduardo Burbano Santamaría


Introduction. The portfolio is an educational resource widely applied in English learning process due to its versatility in compiling to evidence of a student’s academic work. It also contributes to an exhaustive follow-up on the students’ goals achievement and their skills development. Objective. The study points out the benefits of the portfolio in the development of the writing skill among students from A1 Starter level of the Universidad Técnica de Ambato during the academic semester September 2017 – February 2018. Methodology. During the research project a quantitative qualitative methodology was applied. Moreover, correlational variables helped to determine the students’ deficiency in their writing process through the application of a pre-test and post-test. To obtain a significant sample of the research population four parallels belonging to A1 level were randomly selected with a total of 119 learners which were divided into experimental and control group. Results.  After applying the evaluation instruments, the finding analysis showed a meaningful improvement in the development of writing English skills in the experimental group over the control group. Conclusion. It was evident that portfolio’s usage helps learners to be more aware and independent in their learning progress, this was reflected in their writing production.


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Armijos Ango, G. del R., Saquinga Yanchapanta, A. del R., Orbea Peñafiel, M. N., & Burbano Santamaría, L. E. (2021). The portfolio resource in the development of the English writing process. AlfaPublicaciones, 3(2.1), 27–41.

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