School management in early education centers in Ecuador

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Gissela Alexandra Arroba López
Rommel Santiago Velastegui Hernández
Maria José Mayorga Ases
Carlos Alfredo Hernández Dávila


Introduction. Early Education Centers in Ecuador play a crucial role in providing quality education to children from 0 to 5 years of age, offering a range of services, including early childhood care, education, and nutrition, to ensure the comprehensive development of children. Effective school management is crucial to successful operation, involving the coordination and integration of various aspects of the center, including curriculum development, teacher training, assessment, and evaluation. Some challenges include poverty, malnutrition, limited access to resources, and inadequate infrastructure. However, the education provided in Ecuador's Early Education Centers ensures that all children have access to quality education, regardless of their socioeconomic background. Objective. Studying the impact of school management in early childhood education centers in Ecuador. Methodology. The methodology for conducting literature review research involves analyzing, synthesizing, and critically evaluating the existing literature on school management in schools. Below I provide a basic structure for describing the methodology of a literature review study: a. Define the scope and objectives. b. Selection of databases and sources of information. c. Inclusion and exclusion criteria. d. Search strategy, selection, and extraction of data. e. Analysis and synthesis of data. f. Presentation of results. g. Conclusions and recommendations. h. Bibliography. Results. The following results are presented: 1. Leadership and vision in school management. 2. Staffing and professional development. 4. Student assessment and evaluation. 5. Parent and community involvement. 6. Budgeting and resource management. Integration of technology in school management. 7. Legal and ethical aspects of school management. Conclusion. Effective school management is crucial to the success of early childhood education centers in Ecuador. The people who lead these institutions must develop an unclouded vision, set goals and objectives, and foster a positive school culture. This requires resources such as curriculum, staffing and professional development, student assessment and evaluation, parent and community involvement, budget and resource management, technology integration, and legal and ethical issues are important aspects of school management that must be addressed. General area of study: Education. Specific Area of Study: School management.


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Arroba López, G. A., Velastegui Hernández, R. S., Mayorga Ases, M. J., & Hernández Dávila, C. A. (2023). School management in early education centers in Ecuador. AlfaPublicaciones, 5(4), 49–64.

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